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Espadán-Mijares via the GR-333

If you are a hiking lover and would like to get to know Espadán-Mijares, we offer you a plan that is difficult to refuse: the GR-333.

More and more territories are committed to uniting their towns through a tourist route that runs through the best natural landscapes. For this reason, the GR-333 has been launched from the Commonwealth of Espadán-Mijares, a long-distance trail that links the 15 municipalities of this territory.

Do you dare to walk the 104 km that run through this beautiful area between the Sierra de Espadán and the Mijares River?


The GR-333 is an approved circular trail that you can start in any of the 15 towns. Divided into 15 stages, one for each town of Espadán-Mijares, it has an average of 6.5 kilometres per section, a cumulative positive slope of more than 3,800 meters and a negative one of more than 3,900 metres.

The highest point of the GR is in stage 5, from Villamalur to Torralba del Pinar. During this stage we will enjoy, at more than 1,000 meters of altitude, the magnificent views of the entire Sierra de Espadán, as well as the Mediterranean Sea and the Alto del Pinar viewpoint.


However, this tour not only offers incredible views, it will also allow you to enjoy the old roads that linked some municipalities of the Commonwealth. These trails have witnessed countless historical, cultural and social events and, walking along them, the traditional uses and uses of the land are discovered.

Throughout the GR-333 you will find reservoirs and bathing areas, rivers, springs, caves, climbing areas, ravines, mountains, villages, hermitages, icehouses, castles... Even trenches from the Civil War!

In this link you will find all the information related to this Long-Distance path, as well as other alternatives for Local and Short-Distance Paths:

If you were thinking of spending your holidays in the area, don't miss out on this trail or any of its stages! We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Senderismo Espadán Mijares

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