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The Espadán-Mijares Community is located in the south-west of the province of Castellón and is made up of municipalities from the regions of Alto Mijares and Plana Baja. It includes part of Sierra de Espadán Natural Park and the Mijares River and owes its name to these two geographical features.


It is made up of fifteen municipalities: Aín, Alcudia de Veo, Argelita, Ayódar, Espadilla, Fanzara, Fuentes de Ayódar, Ribesalbes, Sueras, Tales, Toga, Torralba del Pinar, Torrechiva, Vallat and Villamalur, ten of which are in Alto Mijares and five in Plana Baja. It covers an area of 257.1 km2 and serves a population of around 4,000 inhabitants. Everyone knows the historical and cultural richness of Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, and the vast environmental heritage of the area.


The Espadán-Mijares Community is characterised by a great variety of options for those who wish to enjoy active tourism activities. Its natural environment enables enthusiasts to participate in various activities, most notably hiking, cycle touring, climbing, caving, canyoning and water sports such as kayaking, paddle surfing, rafting and aquatic caving. In the Sitjar reservoir, located in the municipality of Ribesalbes, you can try kayaking and paddle surfing and go on guided routes accompanied by a guide.


For hiking enthusiasts, the great attraction is the GR-333 Espadán-Mijares Community long-distance path. It runs through the 15 municipalities of the Community along a path that covers a distance of 104 km in 15 stages. The Espadán-Mijares Community has recently created a new 154-km MTB route that also runs through its 15 municipalities, reaching a maximum height of 911 m and minimum of 167 m, with maximum gradients of 30%.


Its beauty is equalled by its extensive gastronomic offering replete with an infinity of flavours and aromas that make its cuisine stand out as one of the area’s most prized assets.

Mapa turístico
Touristic map

Touristic map