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Canyoning is a sport consisting of travelling across canyons or ravines, torrents of water and mountain rivers using a variety of techniques such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming, and employing distinct pieces of custom-made equipment.


Barranquismo Espadán Mijares


Espadán-Mijares boasts numerous ravines suitable for canyoning, many of which are already equipped or semiequipped for that purpose. Some that particularly stand out are the ravines of Manzano, Quiles, Chicharro and Buitrero in the municipality of Argelita; El Hambre (Santa Ana) in Torrechiva- Toga-Argelita; Catalan (Pozo Negro) in Fuentes de Ayódar; Turio in Fanzara; Carboneras and Cañón del Río Chico in Espadilla; Pairo in Toga; Moscador in Torralba; Alcornocal in Benitandús; Salto de los Perros in Alcudia de Veo; and La Covatilla in Aín. This latter runs inside a cave and entry is prohibited in summer.