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Senderismo sénior


The Sierra de Espadán is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, offering numerous well-signposted paths through leafy forests, across and along rivers and ravines and up mountains of more than 1,000 m in altitude. In the region, you can walk local paths such as the SL-CV 103 Torralba del Pinar-Sendero Pinar (7.2 km), SL-CV 91 Argelita-Senda de la Muela (3.7 km) and SL-CV 70 Toga-Barranco de Vasall (4.6 km). Also short-distance paths such as the PR-CV 398 Ayódar-El Madroñal-Morrones-Ayódar (14.1 km), PR-CV 314 Espadilla-Saganta (9.7 km), PR-CV 386 Espadilla-Camino a la Cueva Negra (12 km), PR-CV 276 Ayódar-Villamalur-Ayódar (16.3 km), PR-CV 140 Aín- Sueras via Benitandús (10.1 km), PR-CV 139 Tales-Peñas Aragonesas-Artana (10.6 km) and PR-CV 136 Villamalur- Sueras (7.6 km).


Senderismo familia


The great attraction, however, is the GR-333 Espadán- Mijares Community long-distance path which runs through the 15 municipalities of the Community along a path that covers a distance of 104 km in 15 stages.


The region also has another long-distance path, the GR-36 Trans Espadá, which crosses the Sierra de Espadán perpendicularly and passes through the basins of the Mijares and Palancia Rivers, covering a distance of 66.6 km.