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Espadán-Mijares offers multiple possibilities for vertical, horizontal and aquatic caving enthusiasts.


The most adventurous can go vertical caving in Argelita in a cave where the entrance is high up so you have to do a 40-metre rappel down to the centre of the cavern.


There is also the possibility of exploring interesting horizontal cavities more suitable for groups, schoolchildren and families, where you can admire interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations, including the largest stalagmite in the Valencian Community.




If you are looking for a unique experience, however, the best option is aquatic caving in places such as the Cueva del Toro in Alcudia de Veo, where there is an underground river and you can take a 700-metre tour to observe lakes, waterfalls and bizarre rock formations shaped by the water over thousands of years.




Other interesting and easily accessible caves in the area include the Cueva de la Mola in Fanzara, Cueva de Tía Cantina and Cueva de Mahoma in Sueras, Cueva de Onder in Aín, Cueva del Estuco in Alcudia de Veo, Cueva del Refugio in Benitandús, Cueva de Eulogio in Tales, Cueva Dinero in Toga and Cueva Negre in Ribesalbes.