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PR-CV 386


Difficulty: Medium

Total distance (meters): 12,422

Guiding points of the route: Espadill, "Botanical Garden" and link with PR-CV 314 "Pistga de los Cazadores" - crossing of the same path and beginning of "Camino de Truchelles" - Barranco - Collado and crossroads - Barranco del Melic - Fuente del Melic, start Senda del Corral del Alto

Corral del Alto - Alto de Cueva Negra and Vertigo Geodesic - antiaircraft trench - trenches and hill NOT of the Peña de la Mula - Corral Blanco - Corral Tío Nebot

Fuente del Sastre - derivation and link with PR-CV 314 - crossing of the same path - Espadilla - Botanical Garden and link with PR-CV 314


Data sheet

Classification: PR - Small Route

Type of trail: Circular

Departure: Population of Espadilla

Arrival: Population of Espadilla

Region (s): Alto Mijares

Population: Espadilla

Time: 4h 45 '

Net difference: 490

Cumulative difference in elevation: 1000

Promoting Entity: Town Hall of Espadilla

Access to the trail: On the road from Nules, CV 20

Trails that link: PR-CV 314