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Municipality of the region of the Plana Baja, in the province of Castellón. It has an area of 22 km2 and is 30 km from Castellón.

The origin of Sueras dates back to the Muslim era. The ruins of its castle (Castell de Mauz), dating from the 12th century, are evidence of the existence of the first settlements and of some farmhouses. After the Christian conquest, the population was grouped in what is now the town.

Sueras is located in one of the last buttresses of the Sierra de Espadán in transit to the flat. The pines and the cork trees, as in almost all the mountain range, populate their mountains.





Sueras has become one of the towns in the Community with more activity. Its ethnological fair called "Suera: un poble al carrer" is celebrated coinciding with the Christmas holidays and has served to recover old trades and traditions almost disappeared. This fair has also achieved the participation of residents and open the life of the town to thousands of visitors.


The term has a complete network of roads, trails and ideal tracks for hiking. The GR-36 runs through Sueras, a path that crosses the Sierra de Espadán. Other signposted routes that run through the towns of the Community are PRV-136, PRV-140 and PRV-161.

The Monte de Castro Fountain with its sixteen pipes, the source of the Hazel, the olive tree of Algespar with its 500 years of life or the parish church with other points of interest.





On the Sunday before Reyes the Ethnological Exhibition "Suera: un poble al carrer" is celebrated

On January 5, the theatrical performance of the arrival of the kings and the subsequent Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos de Oriente will take place.

On the festival of San Antonio Abad, around January 17, the neighbors light their bonfires and a procession takes place in which the animals are blessed and the typical rolls are distributed. On February 3, the festival of the patron saint of Sueras, Sant Blai, is celebrated. A weekend of bullfights, luncheons, dancing and the procession to the employer. Carnival is organized by the Cultural Center of Suera, with parade and games for the little ones. Holy Week is also celebrated with the various processions and via crucis on Calvary and Easter, where it is typical to go for a snack and eat at the mountain huts. During the month of April the Book Fair takes place. San Antonio de Padua, is celebrated on June 13. The week before the August celebrations, the Cultural Week organized by the Suera Cultural Center is celebrated and during the days around August 15, the celebrations in honor of the Virgin of August take place.

During the month of October, the Major Festivals are celebrated in honor of the Blessed Sacrament and the Most Holy Christ of Clemency. On New Year's Eve The Festival Commission organizes a dinner and then an orchestra. Also it is possible to emphasize the magnificent concerts that the Musical Union Santa Cecilia de Suera realizes.